Often attending a church for the first time can be an anxious time as you don’t know what to expect. You might wonder: Will I know the songs being sung? Will they make me stand up and introduce myself? Do I have to give? How dressed up do I have to get?
Here at Faith Community we try to make worship a comfortable experience, so here is what to expect:
1. People dress in a variety of ways. Pastor Mike often dresses casually and may wear a tie and/or jacket once in a while.
2. We sing old hymns of the faith along with new songs of praise. The words are projected on screens up front. The choir sings during the school year and there are small groups and special music at various times.
3. There is a greeting time where people say “HI!” to each other. Some people roam around the sanctuary while others stay in their spot in the pew.
4. Coffee is available before & after worship. Some people like to take their cup into worship while others prefer not to. It’s up to you. The cups have lids to help prevent spilling.
5. We ask that cell phones be silenced so you’re not embarrassed when yours rings or you get a text in the middle of a prayer!
6. The children are part of the opening worship in song. We have a time with them in the service for a short message and a prayer before dismissing them to the Nursery or Sunday School. All Nursery workers and Sunday School staff have been through background checks as we want those areas to be safe.
7. There is usually an outline in the bulletin for Pastor Mike’s sermon. Feel free to fill in the blanks or take notes. Don’t worry – he won’t check up on your doodling or if you got the right answers!!!
If you have questions about what worship will be like for you at Faith Community, give Pastor Mike a call at 330-782-9338.