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Pastor Mike and Emilie

Pastor Mike Zabel

As of May 2020,
Pastor Mike Zabel  and his wife Emilie have accepted another pastoral position in Nome, Alaska. We will miss them and wish them well in their new church

Office Secretary







Jillian Young

Jillian is our
Office Secretary and helps keep things running smoothly at church. She is a graduate student at Youngstown State University and hails from Illinois originally

           Music Director/Organist






Charlotte Good

Charlotte is the
Music Director
directs the Adult Choir. She also plays the piano and organ.
Charlotte & Ed are pictured with Pastor Mike at one of our outdoor worship services.


Ed Philiips

After 11 years of playing for worship and the choir, Ed has moved on to another church to serve. Thanks Ed for all you’ve contributed!


Faith Community is led by   a Council of elected leaders who have various responsibilities for the church and its ministries.
Our current officers are:
Mike Burkett
Laura Barton 
Worship Ministry Team
JoAnn Aeppli  Evangelism-Missions Ministry Team
Ginger Young  Fellowship-Caring Ministry Team
Karen Burkett  Discipleship-Education Ministry Team