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Faith Community Christian Church (FCCC) is the vision that God gave to Pastor Hugh Lionel Stewart to provide FAITH and RESTORATION. Pastor Lionel, as he is affectionately called, has a passion for ministry that has always led him to reach the lost, uplift those who are hurt and broken, and guide them to a place of restoration. The Thomasville Heights community would later become Faith Community Christian Church’s Earthly manifestation for this place of FAITH and RESTORATION!


After mentoring at Thomasville Heights Elementary School in 2012, Pastor Stewart realized that there was a great need in the community for spiritual, social, and economic development. Prayer meetings, bible study, and planning sessions were held throughout 2012 and on January 5, 2013 with about 40 family and friends Faith Community Christian Church was started.


The first year of establishment was about FAITH! The membership began meeting at the Thomasville Heights Recreation Center in January 2013. The church flourished here for three years and in August 2016, the church moved to the Thomasville Heights Senior Center, where they remained until December of 2018.


With a change of new management, the church was displaced again, however, God provided spacious and free accommodations in the COMMUNITY within the walls of Thomasville Heights Elementary School!


Since the beginning of FCCC, the church has been fulfilling its vision of reaching the underprivileged and underserved by witnessing effectively, loving unconditionally and serving wholeheartedly! It is a church membership that is filled with CHRISTIAN values and people who are carrying out the mission of positively impacting the community.


Faith Community Christian Church has labored tirelessly to meet the spiritual and social needs of the residents of the Thomasville Heights Community!


Faith Community Christian Church

P.O. Box 1439

Redan, GA



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